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Cleveland Kosher Food Pantry Adds Trailers to Serve Clients Throughout the Winter​

In addition to the trailer installations, the property’s driveway area was expanded, making the drive- through process much safer and more efficient. More workers have also been hired to provide door-to-door delivery at the apartment buildings. 

“We thank our local Jewish community and other major donors for their continued support of the Food Pantry,” Director Devorah Alevsky said. “We’re grateful to lighten the burden for our families by providing the food they so desperately need.” 

Harley Cohen, principal of Harlan & Associates, manager of the trailer project, next to the mezuzah that was placed in his honor. 

Beachwood volunteers Lauren Raff and Tracy Thomas proudly display their volunteer awards. They are part of a volunteer team that delivers grocery bags to seniors’ doors every Tuesday. 

Beachwood resident Lindi Herman delivers food to low-income seniors. 

Food Donations

We gladly accept cans and packaged kosher, non-expired foods to distribute in our community. Drop-off hours: Wednesday and Thursday, 3 – 5pm Sunday – 9:30 – 11 am